DOEACC ‘CCC’ Online Examination Using CAPES
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Very Important for ONLINE CENTERS (CIC) Browser Settings for Proxy
In the Internet Options (in case of IE), select the Connections Tab and go to LAN Settings. Then Click the Advanced button.
 In the Exceptions Part, Please add "" in the Do not use Proxy server for addresses beginning with: box. If there are
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With the support from all our state and district officers, the ' CAPES service for DOEACC' has taken a definite shape. DOEACC has appreciated the efforts of NICians and is even thinking of extending its partnership with NIC.

For now, the next nationwide Online Exam (60) as well as CD based Exam (76) for CCC is scheduled for 28th June 2008  at 110 test centers located throughout the country. Most of the centers included this time have already conducted the test during October/November/December 2005, February/March/May-June/October-November 2006 and for them things must be pretty clear. The CAPES Has been revised and all Center Coordinators are requested to Clear the Network/Proxy Cache before the exams (both Trials and Actual).

But for the centers who have joined this exercise for the first time, we sincerely advise to go through this support site minutely.

DOEACC has entrusted the NIC District Informatics Officers the role of Centre Coordinators for this CAPES test at various test Centers. They will have complete technical support and co-ordination provided by the DOEACC HQ CAPES Team in the form of Support Website, Exchange of emails, Telephonic conversation etc. before, during and after the test. This Support Site has more insight into the procedures, schedules, operating instructions, software usage, candidate instructions, post examination operations etc.

The efforts will be to make the test as smooth as possible for the centre coordinators. For this, we are planning mock trial run of the test at all the involved test centers simultaneously. The dates of the trial run will be intimated to you in email and also will be put in the schedules section of the support web site. You can get still more information about CAPES and the successful CAPES tests conducted by NIC so far at under the heading Services offered by NIC.